Edita Tamoniene
Welcome to my

Edita Tamoniene, Lithuanian artist

The inspiration to create is either for my own happiness and your cosy homes
Welcome to my
world of art!
The inspiration to create is either for my own happiness and your cosy homes

About me

Hello, I'm Edita.

I`m very glad that you visited my creative space where my works live!
As far as I remember, I was always accompanied by art. When I was a kid I used to draw horses, dogs and landscapes. As I went to school, my hobbies and ability to express images were noticed by an elementary school teacher, who later encouraged me to develop and keep that talent.
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My story
As far as I remember the art followed me from my childhood. As a child I really liked to draw horses, dogs and various sceneries.
Whenever I started to go to school, my teacher noticed that I have an extraordinary ability to express scenes well on a piece of paper. She encouraged me to continue and develop this skill. My teacher saw that I can do even better and that's why she was pushing me a bit harder. Over a time, I became really popular in my classroom, everybody in the class was always asking for help to draw, and this is why arts became my favourite class.

I really wanted to improve my drawing skills and learn more about art, so I decided to go to Arts School. I didn't finish this school because our family lived in countryside and it was too far to travel. Anyways, once I finished school I started studies in Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania).

After 4 years of studying, finally I got a Diploma in Arts. Once studies ended, I have stopped my drawing as well. I got married, got a baby and everything was all about family that time. After 7 years break, I got that feeling again from deep inside, that I really want to draw and create again.

My creative period started on a summer of 2019, I have started and cannot stop now. I have received a lot of support and good feedback from people around me, so I decided to link my future with art. This is the only way I can feel true self and I feel happy.

The same as I love the process of creation, I hope you will like my art works. If you feel that you want to lighten your home interior with my paintings, please fill the form below and I will reply back to you to coordinate your needs.
Edita Tamoniene
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If you want to be sure that the painting will perfectly fit in your house, please send me a picture of the room and wall, where you want to hang it up. I will be more than happy to create a visual layout which will help you to make a right decision.
Packing and delivery

Art works can be delivered to any country of the world through couriers or post office. Paintings are safely packed to make sure they arrive in a good condition, regardless what country it is going to.

Delivery price is individual for each order depending on your chosen art work and the country it is going to. Please contact me for more details.

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